WILLIAMS MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST was founded by a great pioneer. This trailblazer was born in Waco, Texas, October 17, 1892, and his name was Dinnie Turner Williams.

He was saved in 1908, in Goston, Texas. In 1913, this young man of God was called to preach the gospel, and thus a ministry began that one day would reach all the way to California. In 1915, he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Elder Williams was always one who strived for excellence. He attended Texas Seminary Academy so that he might be more able to expound the word of God with knowledge and Spirit.

In February 1924, at the age of 31, after a brief stay in Oakland, Elder Williams came to Sacramento with a vision to bring lost sheep to Christ and build a House of God. In September 1924, armed with enough finances, Elder Williams returned to his task in Sacramento with a steadfast assurance to accomplish his goal to start a Church Of God In Christ in the Capital City.

Elder Williams rented a store front on 5th Street between N and O Streets. On September 4, 1924, the first Church Of God In Christ in Sacramento was established. The membership consisted of Sister Ruth Williams who was Elder Williams' wife, and Mother Smith who was Sister Ruth's mother, Sister Ashton, and Elder and Sister Bell.

The early Church moved to various locations, but always to another store front. The Church's final store front was located at 4th and Q Streets. God continued to bless the Church and the membership grew to 25 saints. In 1938, the Church purchased a lot at 808 W Street.

These hearty soldiers of the Lord started building God a church. A basement was dug, constructed, and dedicated for service in 1939. In the spring of 1948, the entire church was completed and dedicated to God.

Elder Dinnie T. Williams continued serving as pastor until his death – May 12, 1959. After his passing, the church was incorporated and named Williams Memorial Church of God in Christ in honor of its beloved founder.

In 1964, due to the construction of a freeway, the church had to be relocated. A new edifice was built at our present location.