• The vision of our church is to bring both spiritual and physical healing, hope, and prosperity to believers and non-believers.   We are committed to the mission of making God's love known to all humanity by providing hope and healing through the Word of God.

    01. To help people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
    02. To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the proclamation God's Word.
    03. To teach the Word of God and provide insight so that transformation may occur in the         lives of people.
    04. To place a special emphasis on the work of evangelism, especially to communities         within close proximity of our church.
    05. To provide fellowship opportunities to everyone in the church family.
    06. To help the poor and oppressed of the earth to become self-sufficient.
    07. To equip fellow believers for Christian service.
    08. To illustrate and demonstrate the benefits from obeying God's Word.
    09. To identify and develop leaders that will take the church upward and beyond
    10. To continually improve and maintain the temple of God